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Ed Price

Research Engineer II

Email: ed@imtc.gatech.edu

Office Phone: 404-894-3547


Ed Price is the Director Research Partnerships and Development for the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT) and the former Research Director of the Interactive Media Technology Center at Georgia Tech. Ed is one of the founders of the Center, starting there as a student at its inception in 1989. Ed holds a number of patents in phonetic audio search and in telemedicine networks and is the co-inventor of the fundamental technology behind Nexidia, a successful speech search company.

Ed has led many research efforts, including the award-winning Odyssey Online educational program, which teaches cultural history through archeological artifacts He is past chair of the international Video Development Initiative (ViDe), which is the lead organization behind the proposed ITU H.350 standard for videoconferencing directories.

Ed is a project director in the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Wireless Technologies. He is a member of the ANSI V2 standards committee developing the Universal Remote Console standards, and is the International Representative for the US to ISO/IEC JTC1 Subcommittee 35 on User Interfaces.

Much of Ed's current research involves how technology is enhancing the way humans communicate. This broad area encompasses specific research in such areas as how persons with disabilities can use technology to communicate naturally to ways social networks communicate in a variety of settings, including in the community and in the home.

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