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Connected home garage door opener demo

Connected Home

Supporting a whole-system approach
for Iot in the home

IMTC provides research expertise, insight, and access to the Aware Home Living Lab to assist Flextronics in their development of products for their connected home clients.


The Internet of Things space has seen a rapid increase in interest, most visibly in the home automation space. As multiple manufacturers, services, and protocols all compete for popularity, interoperability and user experience have become the most important features for a home automation system. When Flextronics, functioning as a contract manufacturer, helped to develop the Wink Hub, a device for centralizing and automating the control of smart home products, they turned to IMTC and the Aware Home Research Initiative to build an authentic home testing capability for their technology and system.

The Aware Home is a living laboratory on Georgia Tech's campus – a 3-story, 5040 square foot home providing the physical space for smart home and aging-in-place research. Flextronics used this physical environment to test out the real-world capabilities of the Wink Hub as they developed it, connecting devices such as water heaters, locks, and window a/c units and blinds. This kind of interoperability testing is crucial to developing a product designed to speak six different wireless protocols to devices manufactured by over 60 different companies. IMTC's Brian Jones, as Director of the Aware Home, managed students and researchers, working closely with Flextronics engineers to find and test issues in this real-world environment.

As this collaboration continues, Flextronics is leveraging the expertise of the students and researchers in the Aware Home to gain insights into possible future ventures in this connected living domain.

Connected garage door opener demo
Brian Jones, Director of the Aware Home Research Initiative at Georgia Tech and Kenji Takeuchi, Vice President of Product Management Flextronics discussing the Connected Home.

Published on Jan 27, 2015
Watch the video of students and faculty in the Georgia Tech Aware Home working with design and manufacturing company Flextronics to explore connected home technologies.