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Organizing interdisciplinary talent
to accommodate disability with computing technology

IMTC works with Emory to create a mobile app that helps people with both mental and physical health issues.


The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) set the IMTC as well as Emory on a project to help people that had both physical and mental health issues, as it is believed that mental health issues will make physical health issues worse and vice versa. As such they wanted to create a mobile application that allowed people to track both their mental and physical health issues at the same time. The desired functionality included reminders for taking medicine, communication with doctors, reporting of any anomalies, and scheduling of appointments with doctors.

At the time, no mobile application existed that could combine both mental health and medical records. Emory had previously performed studies on mental and physical health records, but they only had web applications for the data. IMTC then created a mobile application that could take in both mental and medical health records, and log any data on actions taken with the application. The creation of this application went through multiple stages of user testing and development.

Studies using this application started in 2015, are planned to involve 300 participants and run over the course of 5 years. As such, the study is still ongoing and we have not received the results yet. IMTC will be called in the event that maintenance on the application is required.

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