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A Novel Stress Management App

Designing a clinical trial around an existing product roadmap

IMTC is helping Sharecare gain insights about the health outcomes associated with the structured use of their new stress management app


There are currently thousands of mobile apps targeting consumers with claims of positive health outcomes; however, most health tech today does not undergo scientific testing to prove their efficacy, unlike other healthcare products like pharmaceuticals, which require regulated clinical studies before claiming any projected benefits. Sharecare, an Atlanta company founded by the creator of WebMD knows better. 

Sharecare engaged with Georgia Tech through the Institute of People and Technology to assist them in evaluating their new Sharecare Beta app, which utilizes novel voice analysis technology to gauge stress levels of mobile phone users. The research team at the Interactive Media Technology Center led by Dr. Jiten Chhabra took the lead on the project. They helped Sharecare refine their research questions, conducted a thorough literature review of medical and technical databases and identified validated survey instruments that would fit well for the needs of the clinical trial. The research team then went through an iterative consultation process with the product launch team to collaboratively arrive at a clinical trial design that worked well with the product launch roadmap. 

In addition to designing the clinical trial for Sharecare’s mobile app, IMTC also provided the unique resource of designing and submitting an IRB proposal for the proposed clinical trial. The team has also been retained to generate software assets for the trial, conduct trial operations, perform data analysis, and deliver white papers, research posters, case studies and journal publications.

By providing expert consultation, research design services, and IRB assistance, IMTC helped Sharecare find a balance between what was feasible according to the app’s pre-determined launch plan while maximizing the strengths of the clinical trial. This hybrid approach will allow Sharecare to reliably claim the health outcomes associated with the structured use of the novel stress management app. 

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