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IMTC is helping Steelcase explore techniques to develop a more immersive and effective AR telepresence system through the Magic Window


Magic Window started as a small cross-collaborative research project among Georgia Tech faculty at IMTC, The Augmented Environments Lab (Dr. Blair MacIntyre), RNOC and Institute for People and Technology.  The original goal with Magic Window was to make a more realistic Augmented Reality (AR) experience and to reduce the

limitations in existing AR due to static viewpoints. During the lifetime of the project the goals evolved to include increasing the sense of social presence for remote collaboration, leveraging emerging web and networking technologies (e.g. Web Real-Time Communications (RTC)), and exploration of asynchronous usage.

Steelcase, inspired by innovative research in workspace design and solutions, has had a long-standing research partnership with various departments at Georgia Tech including IPaT.  They were interested in exploring techniques for developing a more immersive telepresence system that increases workplace collaboration and enables users to share more effectively.  Magic Window became the ideal AR research platform to help Steelcase understand more about computer supported collaborative work.

But Steelcase’s interests also lie beyond the traditional workplace environment and connecting people working remotely.  Magic Window could be used to share immersive travel experiences with friends and family, keep communities from feeling physically fragmented and maintain lines of communication between different age groups.  Social connectedness is extremely important for personal well-being.  And with Magic Window Steelcase is able to experiment with new methods of spontaneous, serendipitous and asynchronous AR interactions between users.

Steelcase does not want to implement a technology just for the sake of having a novel technology.  Coupling IMTC’s decades of experience in AR, expertise in HCI research and software engineering skills, Steelcase has a robust, scalable, cutting-edge AR telepresence research platform that allows it to reliably study and evaluate how people interact in compelling, satisfying and substantive ways.

Magic Window